Sunday, April 10, 2011

John Reece Cemetery - Estill County, Kentucky

I recently visited a very old cemetery in Estill County, Kentucky.  It's located in a remote valley below the Sparks Cemetery in the Leighton area.  After turning off the highway, you travel down the ridge on a gravel road, washed out in some places.  You pass the old family home, cross over a creek that's fed by a spring and up the hill.  There, in this grove of trees, you'll find the John Reece Cemetery.  It's interesting to note that John Reece was probably one of the last interments here. 

We estimated that there are at least between 100 and 150 graves located in this cemetery.  There are about 10 rows with 10 to 15 graves per row.  Most of these people are lost to memory, only identified with a field stone and/or a sunken grave.  Vinca minor (periwinkle) grows wild and covers the entire cemetery, cushioning steps as one carefully picks their way through the graves, careful not to step on someone and careful not to discover a resting copperhead.  I would warn anyone attempting to go to this cemetery that there would need to visit either in the winter or those few weeks in March before it's warm enough for the snakes to come out.

Unfortunately, when we visited, I didn't take a photo of the cemetery itself.  When I return, I will be taking it and adding it here, editing the post.

The photos of the graves are as follows:

Samuel Fox

David Reece

John Reece

Nancy Alcorn - Death date 1858 - If you have any information on who this is, please contact me.

Sarah Plowman - If you have any information on who this is, please let me know.

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